At VK Decorating, we prioritise the protection of your home and ensure the meticulous preparation of each room we decorate. We protect your floors, furniture and fixtures from any dust and dirt that may arise. Our team carefully clears each room and seals off work areas to minimise disruption and mess. We use dust-free sanding that captures 95% of airborne particles, ensuring that your home remains clean and protected throughout the revamping process. With every possibility covered, we allow you to enjoy a seamless and stress-free renovation experience as possible. 

Remove Imperfections with a Room Revamp 

When you decide to revamp a room, it's not just about changing the colour or updating the wallpaper, it's about transforming the entire space and creating perfectly smooth walls that enhance and protect your home. This involves removing imperfections such as old wallpaper, dinks, dents, flakes, lumps and bumps to create a space you can enjoy for years to come. 
Our Room Revamping services include: 
Full Removal of Old Wallpaper: We remove multiple layers of wallpaper from the walls. Over time, walls may have accumulated layer upon layer of wallpaper, where previous wallpaper was added instead of being removed. This is often evident in houses from the 1930s. 
Skimming: We address any surface imperfections, including the removal of flaky paint. We skim the walls to ensure that surfaces are smooth and meticulously prepared for painting and decorating. 
Mist Coats: We apply a mist coat, which is a diluted paint mixture that effectively seals new plaster and helps the plaster to bond to the paint, ensuring a solid foundation for subsequent layers of undiluted paint. This initial coat is crucial for achieving a uniform finish in your room. 

Protecting Your Home 

At VK Decorating, we understand the importance of tidiness and care in safeguarding your home during renovations. We take extra precautions to protect your furniture and belongings while we work, ensuring every area of each room we work in is shielded from paint, dirt, and dust. We go the extra mile to ensure the following: 
Protection from Dust and Dirt: We use dust sheets and polythene coverings to shield your floors and furniture from dust, dirt and paint splatters. Our team takes care to seal off the work area with masking tape and temporary barriers to contain any mess and minimise disruption. 
Clearing the Room: Before starting any work, we carefully remove or rearrange furniture and other items to create ample space for our work. This not only protects your belongings but also allows us to work more efficiently and effectively. 
Covering Everything: From your cherished furniture to delicate fixtures, everything is meticulously covered and protected. We use sturdy dust sheets, tailored polythene covers and professional-grade masking tape to ensure that doors, hardware and window frames are safeguarded against any potential damage from renovation works. 


We use dust-less sanding on all of our projects and have invested in the best tools for this task. The high-quality Festool sander and dust extractor are used for every one of our room revamping projects.  
Our professional sanders adeptly handle walls, ceilings, and wood, boasting a robust dust extraction system that effectively eliminates 95% of airborne particles that would typically settle into the room, compromising furniture and soft furnishings. 
When coupled with our full room preparation, where we diligently cover all furniture, carpets, and belongings, you can rest assured of a dust-free home, sparing you the need for extensive cleaning to rid your space of lingering dust particles. 


Protection and Care 
We go the extra mile to ensure every area of your home is fully protected during the revamping process. Covering furniture and belongings, guaranteeing a clean and tidy workspace throughout the project. 
Skilled Craftsmanship 
We’re equipped to handle all challenges, from smoothing out uneven walls to applying detailed paint colours. Our expertise ensures that each revamping project is completed to the highest standard. 
Dust-Free Solutions 
We have invested in high quality equipment to ensure a dust free environment in your home.  


Let us help you turn your vision into reality. Revamp, refresh and renew your space with VK Decorating's professional room revamping services. 
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