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Welcome to VK Decorating 

Hi! My name is Vinny and I have been in the painting and decorating industry for over 14 years. I enjoy what I do and always strive to keep my customers completely satisfied, which reflects in all my finished work.


We always display the utmost respect and friendliness to the needs of our clients, providing expertise when needed, to make your wishes become reality. Our company ethics are to keep work environment tidy and clean, which is extremely vital for the smooth completion of projects. Our experience is detailed in all aspects of painting and decorating, including internal and external, wallpapering, wall mural, timber resin repairs and stripping/painting wooden windows. 

We take pride in acquiring most of our clients through word of mouth, reassuring us of the high standards and quality of our work which our customers recognise.

We would be delighted to provide you with a free, no obligation quote, just get in touch using the form below.

Our Services



We at VK Decorating are fully skilled and experienced in all types of interior and exterior decorating. We pride ourselves in knowing everything about the process of painting and decorating and the best materials for achieving your desired results to the fullest.

Our selected range of interior and exterior paints are designed to hold up to the great outdoors and all indoor traffic that often results in frequent bumps and scrapes against walls and woodwork. Modern indoor paints produce minimal odour and little or no toxic emissions to keep you and your family safe.  



We at VK Decorating know that making your home look beautiful depends on your choice of colours and finishes, but it is surprising how much difference the details make. Really well done decorating gives an immediate impression of quality.

We are always delighted to offer comprehensive advice on the matters concerning the future look of your home, helping it live up to it's potential in terms of warmth, elegance and cosiness. Our success is founded in your satisfaction, so we always strive to create the most beautiful work by adapting it to your needs and wishes.



Whether you would like to replace your existing wallpaper or remodel the style of your walls altogether, we at VK Decorating can help you find the most suitable design from the endless choice of colours and options. 

We know how hard it is to align perfect strips of wallpaper to uneven walls and ceilings and would like to make your experience as pleasant and care-free as possible, so you can sit back and rest assured that we will, together with the right colour, give your room the character, style and brightness it deserves.

Past Projects

You can find many testimonials of delighted clients on our Facebook page on the link below:

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